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AAA School Safety Patrol Supervisors

Photo of school safety patroller in action.

This training is meant to supplement, not replace, existing training resources for the AAA School Safety Patrol program.

As a school safety patrol advisor, we encourage you to share this training with the safety patrollers in your program, especially those who are not able to attend training at the Legionville School Safety Patrol Training Center. Each patroller who successfully completes the course will receive a certificate.

All AAA School Safety Patrol members need to be properly instructed in their duties and given “on-the-job” training before being assigned to duty. Some safety patrollers in Minnesota use flags. This training does not address the use of flags. Proper use of flags is taught by members of the Minnesota State Patrol at the Legionville School Safety Patrol Training Center.

Please visit your local AAA website to learn more about the AAA School Safety Patrol program and to order supplies for your program:

AAA Minnesota-Iowa

AAA Minneapolis (for Hennepin County)

Click here to continue to the Safety Patrol training modules.Photo of School Safety Patrol Training

The modules can be done all in one sitting, or they can be paused at any time and completed over the course of several sittings.